Monday, May 21, 2012

Time is flying by

and I am really enjoying having a few jobs on the table. The theatre program is being proof read as we speak and will hopefully go to the printers tomorrow. A total redesign was done so there was a slight delay. Luckily the redesign was half the amount of work as the original design!

I have also just finished some art for the walls of a friend's children's rooms. This song is dear to her and co-incidentally very dear to me and my children also. I hope to sell these posters as electronic files. I am thinking of designing 8 x 10, A4, A3 and maybe an A2 size.

This is Master C's poster.. he has a lime green feature wall in his room with yellow truck decals:

and this one is for Miss E.. I only have boys in my house so I am not a "pink" person.. I find it a challenging colour to work with.

This is quite exciting that I could potentially sell these and more like this in the coming months. I will also aim to do some free printables when I get a bit more organised ;-).

Thanks again for everyone's support.

Have a great day

Amanda x


shell said...

Amanda what a great job those both are uplifting and attractive. Anything you set your mind to I know you will be a success at. It's who you are. xoxo Shell

shell said...

Amanda you are so good at what you do. Anything you put your focus on you are fabulous at. I love both the colors and think they are uplifting and sunny.


shell said...

Oops, thought the first one failed so I guess I wanted to say it twice!!

Amanda B said...

Thanks Shell.. you are the first person to comment on the blog! Thanks for your kind words xx