Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Back to front!

Who starts a business doing things a little backward.. oh that's right me! I was so anxious to get the ball moving as I already had a couple of jobs come in. That I set everything up as best I could and then just dove straight into work. Which meant I (a) hadn't even done my own business card and (b) some administration hadn't been finalised.

So whilst the administration side of things is still a work in progress, I am working together with my lawyer to finalise all the nitty gritty. In the meantime, however, today I finally designed and ordered my very own business cards.

I have decided to go for double sided, so I could list the design I like to do (or more to the point am capable of doing) and kind of got a little creative with the back! Hope you like. I think I do! (We are our own worst critique!)

I look forward to attending some networking functions and being able to hand some out. Feels very grown up...

Have a great day.

Amanda x

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