Sunday, May 27, 2012

Don't forget to breathe...

It was all very exciting launching my little stay at home business and I have been kept quite busy since the launch, I have had back to back jobs which was really nice.. but now I can take a breath as there is not much on the horizon.. time to create some printables and some free stuff. Time to get my administration up to date and work on my weekly schedule.. I need to get strict about how I spend my time (social media, housework, emails, research, play time, scheduled activities with the children).. I wouldn't say it's completely balanced just yet but I don't feel stressed and I am enjoying the new venture.

Some of the work I have completed to date:

Business card and logo for a family owned building company, I also created a quick letterhead for them.

Doubled sided business card and flyer for letterbox drops. I find it important to keep the branding similar so that if someone has the flyer and not the business card, the information is exactly the same.

Thanks again to everyone for supporting me so far.. it's almost time to start getting my name out and trying to get more work.. (all in good time though!).

Amanda x

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