Saturday, June 30, 2012

The Train Party!

I am a little bit sporadic with my posts, I am still getting used to having a blog and thinking of what I want to write on here. I know I mainly do Graphic Design but I also love parties and being creative. Whilst my parties are not as "pretty" as some of those out there, we try and re-use and re-cycle where we can.

I love a theme, it makes organising a party so much easier.. and of course for this year, it had to be a train party.. I asked month's ago what sort of cake Lachlan wanted and he said straight out.. mummy I want a train cake..

So here is what we created. Enjoy the visual!

The Train, made from boxes from Harvey Norman, it's great you can go to their recycle bin and take as many boxes as you need.

Used bike lights for the railroad crossing

Takeaway containers and present boxes for the "food train"

and the cake

Was a very happy day enjoyed by all.

Have a good day
Amanda x

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